What Is The Customer Licensing Portal (CLP) And How To Use It?

Trend Micro has provided Customer Licensing Portal (CLP) through which many users can get the information and links for availing incomparable security solutions according to their requirements and provide up-to-date solutions that can defeat forthcoming cyber threats. All the users can receive the important updates and product information from CLP.

So here, Trend Micro Support has provided the complete solution for the users of trend micro through which you can easily access the licensing portal and also register a new account.

Go Through The Below Steps Properly:

  • Firstly, go your OLR account and try to log into the portal. Then select ‘My products and Services’, from here you will manage all your products and licensing process.
  • Now go to CLP and click on ‘Sign up Now’ on the window itself.
  • Then you have to select ‘No, I am a first time user’ in order to create a new account.
  • Now you have to provide the activation code. Enter the ‘Registration code’ in the vacant box and then tap on ‘Continue’.
  • Before confirming it, recheck all the entries of your product you are going to subscribe.
  • Now it will show terms and condition agreement of trend micro, read it carefully and then check the box below it to accept it.
  • Now you will proceed to payment, enter your card details for the transaction and click on ‘Continue’ to end up the process.

These are the steps explained by the experts. If you want to know any other way for registration or want a simplified explanation for above process, then get connected with our technicians via toll-free Trend Micro Support Number +1-844-478-5758. They will guide you throughout the whole procedure and provide solutions based on the conditions.

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